GMG Janitorial uses only green cleaning products and cleaning methods. Green Cleaning allows us to provide a healthier workplace by decreasing indoor office pollutants and improving air quality. GMG’s Green Cleaning is good for employees, the community, and the environment at large.

Benefits for your company

  • a more comfortable work space
  • increase in productivity
  • decrease in illness and absenteeism
  • overall cost savings

Green Cleaning in Action

At GMG, we are committed to Green Cleaning and naturally implement the US Green Building Council (USGBC) recommendations in all our janitorial services.

  • Cleaning processes that physically remove dirt rather than simply moving it
  • Training for employees on how to use chemicals properly – maximizing cleaning effects while minimizing waste
  • Educating our staff on Green Cleaning advancements
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance checks on our equipment, so that it always works at peak capacity

Green Cleaning Services

GMG utilizes Green Cleaning at all times, including:

  • Environmentally-friendly Green Seal certified cleaning products
  • HEPA-filter vacuums for customers who request these
  • Paper and linen produced with post-recycled materials
  • Microfiber mops and rags which require less washing, thereby saving on water and detergent
  • Recycling programs for everything from glass and cans, paper, printer and copy machine toner cartridges, to e-waste, such as old office machines, computers, monitors and cell phones, which we keep out of landfills

GMG Recycling Program

We are very proud of our flexible recycling program. You choose the types of materials to recycle. We tailor our program to fit your needs, then train you and your staff on how to maintain it on a daily basis. Learn how recycling can benefit your company. Contact us today and get your free estimate.