The Quality Program enables us to satisfy client expectations in the most productive and cost-effective manner. It ensures quality control through detailed inspections, management of cleaning information and satisfaction through our “Quality Circle”. Janitors participate in this process which is customized to your facility’s needs. The Quality Program improves employees’ efforts and yields increased value to our customers.

Quality Inspections

GMG provides the most productive, cost-effective inspections possible. In fact, we invite our clients to accompany our Quality Directors on the inspection tour. The Quality Field Inspection Program is a series of “preventative” inspections that cover every cleaning zone within a facility. The objective is to actively identify maintenance activities and prevent the buildup of dirt and dust. The Quality Director and janitors are involved in this incredibly detailed process, in which no stone goes unturned.

Customized weekly inspections, performed by a designated site manager, set impeccable quality control standards. In addition, monthly evaluations ensure client satisfaction and solicit feedback from occupants, increase janitor participation, and promote management of information. The data gathered assists us in setting future goals for improvement.

Quality Job Management

Custodians are regularly supervised to ensure they are performing to GMG’s exceptional standards. A Quality Director is assigned to oversee an inspection of your facility. He or she will deliver an extensive report that goes the distance: this checkup includes compliance to safety, uniform/ID badge and overall cleanliness, as well as the accuracy of completion time estimates. In the event a GMG Supervisor is out of the building, our team leaders are trained to take over, implementing what we call “extreme” quality control.