All client services are detailed in our clear and concise contracts which means no buyers’ remorse. We are accountable for all the duties that have been agreed upon. Our janitorial staff and management are fully trained in safety and cleaning and in the specific requirements for a client property. Our bilingual supervisors ensure janitorial service is maintained at the highest level on a nightly basis. Regular client walk-throughs are performed by our Quality Control Managers and Customer Service Representatives.

Passionate About Proper Safety

Our janitors have undergone multiple phases of safety training to ensure optimum on-the-job performance and accordance with proper standards and procedures.

Issue Resolution

We maintain a 4-hour service level response to client email yet regularly beat this target. Once we take over a new client, we consistently see a significant reduction in the number of issues raised by facility managers.

Employee Recognition and Incentives

Employee Incentives

GMG fosters a work environment that encourages teammates to develop the highest quality of life possible. We offer employee bonuses (including cash awards, certificates of excellence and acknowledgement in the company newsletter) to keep GMG employees motivated. Monthly and annual employee/team recognition awards are offered to supervisors and janitorial crews. These serve to remind our hard-working employees that their dedication is greatly appreciated.

Incentive Programs

Bonus programs include:

  • Building “Team” Of the Month
  • Supervisor of the Month Bonus
  • Annual Top 10 Buildings

Award Criteria

Criteria for awards are based on excellence in customer satisfaction, building cleanliness, adherence to safety regimes, documentation protocol, and overall professionalism.