Annual research indicates that six out of every 100 professional janitors are injured by chemicals, usually resulting in burns to the eyes and skin, or the inhalation of toxic fumes. GMG custodians and supervisors have undergone extensive safety education to avoid accidents at all costs. During this training, the following topics are addressed:

  • Safety Action
  • Driver Alert
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Monthly Account Safety Inspections
  • OSHA Compliance

Job Training

Our custodians have undergone three extensive phases of training to ensure optimum on-the-job performance and accordance with proper standards and procedures. Clients rest assured knowing our janitors are accurate, detailed and highly qualified. Job training goes hand-in-hand with safety training in order to provide clients and employees with the safest possible working environment.

Training: Phase One
During the initial job-training phase, team members undergo an eight-hour training session in the GMG training room, which provides visual and audio equipment. They receive initial hands-on training and are informed of CAL/OSHA chemical and safety procedures.

Training: Phase Two
In the second round of education, students advance to a client facility where they work one-on-one with experienced GMG staff members and alternates. They are educated in specific building needs, as well as the specific requirements within their assigned cleaning zone.

Training: Phase Three
The final phase of GMG training is an ongoing effort to keep employees abreast of the latest advances in janitorial procedures and technologies.