Technology plays an integral role in GMG’s processes and eliminates stress caused by “roller coaster” maintenance. Our IT staff uses sophisticated Intranet and Internet-based systems based on feedback from GMG management, as well as industry trends. Computer tracking systems enable us to closely monitor and manage the progress of every project. Supervisors are informed of the status of your site and remain knowledgeable about the ongoing needs of your facility. Meanwhile, they are able to highlight diverse job specifications, such as:

  • HVAC and lighting diffuser cleaning
  • Floor stripping and waxing
  • Horizontal blind cleaning
  • Special instructions pertinent to specific locations in the facility

GMG is continually adopting the latest technological advancements. We strive for ongoing improvement through the use of environment-friendly chemicals, enhanced vacuum filtration systems, simplified chemical mixing centers and the safest and most modern equipment.

Periodic Task Management

Periodic Task Management, a computer system that closely tracks individual cleaning tasks, is used to ensure the on-time delivery of scheduled services. It also allows our team to customize the scheduling of specific tasks (for multiple buildings with multiple crews, if necessary). Schedules that are easily updated allow us to cater to the inevitable changes in a client’s budget due to tenancy type variations or other operational adjustments.